16 September 2015

Here I am in 2015.

It seems I have left this site in blog purgatory. If you are somehow still finding yourself here, have an update:
  • I graduated college. 
  • I moved back home after four years in Ohio and therefore gave up my apartment and the town I grew to love so much.
  • Sometimes I feel like I know who I am and then other times I don't (#milleniallyfe).
  • I still have a bad TJ Maxx candle-buying habit - there are far more expensive/life-threatening addictions so I think I'll be okay.
  • Now I'm in grad school in Buffalo and dove in head first into a completely new experience.
    • Somehow I'm managing to keep my head above water.
SO...since this post is more like a leaf in the wind (what?) you can still find me on twitter and instagram. I also have My Very Own Website, sarahcmann.com. See you on the internet.


  1. Oh my beloved. I miss your posts!

  2. Also, the website is stinkin' hardcore.

  3. Ohhay, congrats on graduating college + getting into grad school! I graduated this year too and of course, being the finnicky person that I am who has no idea what she's doing in life, I'm planning on pursuing another degree that I kinda love next September. Hooray for spending more money/student debt!

    But ayyy, if we're in a place that is all too comfortable in life, we never learn :)



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