02 June 2014

TCMFF Day Two: We're Kim Novak's Family?

I know it's been almost two months since this thing but I've been late for things since I was born...five days after my due date. There also aren't a whole lot of photos from this day, but my outfit was pretty kickin'. ;)

Mentally preparing for Kim Novak with Casey and Millie.

First up for the day was the original Japanese print of Godzilla. Like Invasion of the Body Snatchers the day earlier, I was not expecting to like it for some reason, but it really sucked me in and I ended up really enjoying it. There was a discussion with the director of the new Godzilla, Gareth Edwards in the beginning and it gave a good insight into who Godzilla is. My dad is a huge Godzilla fanboy and he didn't even realize the original DIDN'T star Raymond Burr as the weird white guy randomly thrown into scenes to make it "American." The president of Rialto pictures had a presentation explaining exactly that at the end of the film and it gave everyone a good chuckle.

Next, I went stag to The Goodbye Girl with a discussion with Richard Dreyfuss and Ben Mankiewicz. There was a really nice compilation of Dreyfuss' work before he was introduced and got everyone pumped for his arrival, and...he was exactly how I imagined him to be. Ben asked something along the lines of "Did you expect to win the Oscar for this role?" and without missing a beat he replied "Yes." Okay, Richard. I LOVED this movie (even though the print was a little dirty and pink-hued?) and I think its one of his best performances. I like Neil Simon plays in the first place, so naturally I liked this one too. Here's a video of the discussion.

THEN. Casey, Millie and I had a spiritual experience at the screening for Bell, Book and Candle with an introduction discussion by Robert Osborne and Kim Novak. Everyone in the Egyptian was a flutter with excitement waiting for her majesty to take the stage. I'm sure you've heard by now if you kept up with the festival at all, but she chose to speak about how she felt bullied after her appearance at this year's Academy Awards, and gave a rousing speech about standing up to said bullies which was met with many "Go Kim!" 's. Then she said, "I was nervous about appearing at the Awards, but I'm not nervous around you guys, because you're like my family."



This also seems to be a good time to mention that the theme of this year's festival was Family: The Ties That Bind. So obviously we all fist pumped for her, because us classic film fans, we got each other's back. On a really mushy note, I have never felt so many friendly vibes with a group of strangers. The camaraderie between all fest-goers was contagious, and I felt so at home with these people. Here's Robert interviewing Kim Novak.

After recovering from that movie, the three of us headed to the El Capitan for The Women. I had previously seen it years prior, but I knew right away that watching it with an audience of fellow classic film fans was probably going to be totally hilarious and it WAS, save for the snoring man behind us (Really. He was snoring behind me at The Goodbye Girl too. Why are you here if you're gonna sleep the whole time, bro?) I forgot how absolutely bitchy and biting the humor in this movie is. It is SO GOOD. Anna Kendrick introduced it with Ben Mankiewicz, and she was as charming as I thought she would be.

Millie left toward the end so she could hustle to the midnight screening of Freaks, and Casey and I ran into Raquelle and Carlos outside the theater and chatted with them for a while before heading back home to the Holiday Inn.

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