19 May 2014

toronto and essiebutton

Yesterday my brother and I headed up to Toronto for the day so I could go to Estée's meetup! I have watched her videos religiously for almost two years and I count her as one of my favorite Youtubers. We arrived around noon and killed time "shopping" in the Eaton Centre. I say "shopping" because as a currently unemployed 21 year old American lady, Canadian prices are a smidge (read: a lot) too high. Sidenote - customs was confused after I told them we had been 'shopping in Toronto for the day' but didn't buy anything. Of course I wish I could have bought all of Zara and Aritzia. Canadians always look so put together and I think it's because the clothing quality is so much nicer in every single store.

We ate lunch and headed up to Dundas Square for the meetup at 2:30, where approximately a billion people were waiting to see her. I quickly realized this wasn't about to be no thang, if you know what I mean. It was a THANG. People everywhere! 

Security had other plans, so we ended up in quite a few places, but once it was my turn to meet her it was SO worth it. Estée is super laid back, friendly and ridiculously good looking. Her skin looks like its kissed by an angel every morning.

Meanwhile, it had rained on me so I ended up with that super-chic soggy bun on my head.

Her main schtick is beauty videos, but if that's not your thing then please check out her vlog channel.

I'll be back later this week with the rest of my TCMFF posts! Stay tuned. :)


  1. Ayy so I was creeping on Jenn's/A Beautiful Zen's comment section and found out you were the people behind us in the Estee lineup--hello!
    Yeah, Canadian prices are outrageous, which is why Canadians going to the States is practically a phenomenon.

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

    1. haha hello!! Yes, the Galleria in Buffalo is constantly mobbed with Canadians, and understandably so! (PS your blog is amazing! Following right now! :D)

    2. Yeah that's why I've stopped heading down to Buffalo. Kinda weird running into people you know...in a different country. Michigan is my new go-to, but Buffalo is so nice!

      Also, thanks! :D



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