02 May 2014

TCMFF Day One: See Every Movie Ever

Technically the festival began the day before, but since our passes didn't cover any screenings or events that day (except the red carpet stalking), the fest started for us on Friday. Millie and I were screening partners in action on this day, and together we saw five movies total. Obviously the other girls went to some of them, but the two of us were sitting next to each other alllll day.

So many things are going on in this photo.

The day started bright and early with a screening of The Thin Man at 9:00 in the Egyptian Theatre. This was my first time seeing it - shock, horror! - it was the first screening of the festival for us, it's one of Nicole's favorite movies...there was a lot going on. When the lights went down and the TCM montage played, I gotta admit I had a moment. Just the fact that I was THERE for REAL watching this movie with a theater full of fellow fans got me a little verklempt. Anyway. The Thin Man was hilarious and I totally understand why Nick and Nora are classic film favorites.

Next, Millie and I ran over to Touch of Evil at noon in the big Chinese theater. After having another moment of internal screaming about being in THAT Chinese theater, I manically took some photos and chilled out (not really). The movie was introduced by Fraser Heston, son of Charlton, and I lost it every time he referred to him as "dad." Adorable. Something tells me that Millie's coverage of this movie is going to be more spot on than mine, but...this movie was bananas. White dudes playing Mexicans! Janet Leigh! Completely unrecognizable Orson Welles! For real though, after this screening and I had to ask her if that character was Orson Welles. I am an embarrassment. In any case, I really liked this movie and it was one of my favorites from the festival. Here's Fraser Heston's introduction.

Now this is where it gets weird - I flew by the seat of my pants screening-wise, and though I had a list of movies I definitely wanted to see, I found myself going to movies I hadn't even thought about seeing. Exhibit A is Invasion of the Body Snatchers at 3:15 back in the Egyptian. Director Joe Dante introduced this one and mentioned that it was a 35mm SuperScope print belonging to Martin Scorsese (what?) and that it was one of the rare prints that showed the film in its' original state before it got hacked to death by pan and scan. This movie was nuts but we all loved it.

Me, Millie and Casey before Double Indemnity.

Double Indemnity was next at 6:00 in the big Chinese again. I was really excited for this one because I had never seen it but it was also a worldwide premiere restoration. So cool! There wasn't an official introducer on the schedule, so when Robert Osborne walked out I audibly gasped and probably fanned myself in that annoying fangirl way, but when the king of my life just SAUNTERS onstage you are warranted one freakout. Anyway, Barbara Stanwyck is actually the coolest person ever and I know there are heated debates on the wig, but hey. It really added to the character and just made her more tacky. This was for sure one of my favorites at the fest, and now it's one of my favorites in life too.

We took a breather from movie watching so I could do my homework, which was obnoxious. In the meantime we were preparing for the midnight screening of Eraserhead!

When I found out ERASERHEAD in 35MM was playing at MIDNIGHT introduced by PATTON OSWALT I about died so it was #1 on my list for multiple reasons. David Lynch is my favorite director and Twin Peaks is my favorite show, so naturally I went and took Kate and Millie with me. Patton was hilarious and everything was great until about 45 minutes into it when I remembered how unsettling and actually totally gross this movie is. At a few points I glanced at the other two out of the corner of my eye and they were basically laying on top of each other with their hands over their eyes. This is all after ensuring them they would love it. Oops. In any case it was an experience. Then we had to walk through Hollywood at 2am back to the hotel, which should be a little scary in the first place, but especially after this movie. Here's Patton Oswalt's introduction.
And then a press photo of us listening to Patton made it on the film fest's site. Look, Ma!

TCMFF Day Two coming soon! Stay tuned.

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