02 April 2014

the nonfleshies take LA

Long time no see. It's that time of the semester where everything is due at one time.

So, here's a thing. A week from today, I'll be boarding a plane to Los Angeles for the TCM Classic Film Fest. Not only that, but I'll be meeting up with four of my best friends that I met on the internet five years ago.

When I tell people I have friends from the internet I usually get a side-eye or a "are you sure they're not creepy old men?" remark. Which is fine. There are totally creepy men on the internet. Just not here.

We found each other because we blogged about classic movies (I did here on my old blog) and we were all under the age of 50+, which seemed to be the age that dominated classic film discussion online. We quickly became friends with way too many inside jokes. We call ourselves the Non-Fleshies because we are not "flesh" friends. Although I guess soon we WILL be Fleshies!

I've already met Kate and have been itching for the day when all of us (Kate, Casey, Nicole, and Millie) can tromp around someplace with perpetual warm weather. And it's happening! Plans have been made, outfits have been picked out, festival passes have been delivered...I'm so excited that I feel like a dog when their owner comes home from work.

I'll be blogging - perhaps vlogging? - my time there and will certainly be taking a bunch of photos. Now that's I've stayed pretty restrained throughout this post, I'll end it with this.

AHHHHHH!!!!!! *flails*

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