30 April 2014

LA Day Two: Stalking the Red Carpet

We all slept in a bit on Thursday morning, though I still managed to wake up around 7:00 due to jetlag. We didn't have plans until about 12:30, so we took our time chatting and got ready for the day. Around noon we headed to the Chinese Theatre for the TCM Movie Locations Bus Tour. I was super excited for this because it was free with our festival passes *hair flip* and I knew it was going to take us ALL over the city. Our modes of transport all week were our feet, so we were pretty confined to the Hollywood area, so this was basically a free cab ride to some pretty cool spots.

Raquelle's snap of us.

While waiting for the bus we bumped into Raquelle and Laura! Raquelle and I started blogging around the same time five or six years ago and I knew Laura from around the internet. This was my first run-in with other bloggers and it was really nice to meet them finally.

We got on the bus, which had giant open windows and a tv screen at the front. As we would drive past a location, a scene or clip from the movie would play for us to show the location in action. That was a pretty cool idea. They played scenes from mostly newer movies, but with quite a few classic ones thrown in. The bus stopped twice - at the Bradbury Building (the site of Blade Runner, 500 Days of Summer, and The Artist to name a few) and Union Station. Taking a train out of Union Station might actually be the most glamorous thing one could do. It is SO swanky in there.

Nicole, Casey and Kate stomping through Union Station like Charlie's Angels.

The tour took up most of the afternoon, and we were mostly hanging out on Hollywood Blvd afterward when the red carpet for Oklahoma! was beginning and we realized we had PERFECT viewing spots across the street. We would watch the "celebs" as they arrived in their black town cars, before they walked the gauntlet. I won't post the insane amount of super zoomed-in photos I took of these people, but to name a few: Shirley Jones, Tippi Hedren, Kim Novak, Alec Baldwin, Quincy Jones and Maureen O'Hara, who was the only one arriving in a limo because DUH.

This was our viewing situation.
Batman (aka some nerd dressed as Batman) was trying to be awesome and do tricks on a bike rack. I also just noticed you can see one of the many REPENT! signs between our heads. LA is weird.
And then we casually ran into Ben Mankiewicz at the Roosevelt. His super-chic wife took the photo!

So, for a day with not much planned we got a lot done, huh? My recap of Friday's TCMFF activities will go up on Friday!

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