26 April 2014

LA Day One: The NFs Unite!

The players: Kate, Casey, Nicola, Millie and yours truly.

The gathering of the NFs around our Lord and Savior Hayley Mills in the year of our Moon-Spinners.

After running around like a chicken with it's head cut off for the greater part of the two weeks leading up to me leaving, I was MORE than ready to get out of Ohio. So much so in fact, that I was uncharacteristically not nervous about traveling by myself. The palm tree emoji had been taking up most of my social media posts, so needless to say I had tunnel vision on Los Angeles.

I made it to LA early Wednesday afternoon and some hilarity ensued as I tried to find the other girls. Eventually they found me and as they were all walking toward me it was the weirdest/greatest feeling ever. This is the first time we've met in real life and to see them all at once was TOO MUCH. We squished into an Uber with the world's most silent driver and also the world's most broken air conditioning and headed to our hotel in downtown Hollywood. Real talk: LA traffic ain't no joke.

Once we got into the hotel room, we covered all of our mirror selfie bases and hit the pavement to grab something to eat. The bagel I ate at Chicago Midway earlier in the day was long gone, and I did NOT want to get hangry in front of the NFs, so the Snow White Cafe on Hollywood Blvd was the stuff of dreams (it was cheap and did the job).

After that, Casey headed to a tweet-up where she mingled with some other bloggers, and the rest of us hit up the courtyard at Grauman's Chinese. It's not called that anymore, but for all intents and purposes, IT IS.

I found Natalie Wood's star and had a moment - Nicole had her moment at Myrna's prints.

I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow that night. Though apparently I was roused by a ghost or something because I guess I attempted conversation with the others IN MY SLEEP...real smooth Sarah. Great first impressions.

I should also mention stuff got a little weird when we found chicken and squirrel heads.

I was going to combine day one and two since we didn't really start TCMFFing until Friday, but since I got so long winded here I'll end for now. Stay tuned for day two! :)


  1. guh, this is the best. I love the way you write and I was getting so many feelings reading about when we all met at the airport. SO MUCH HAPPINESS!!!!!


    Also, I'm already dying. And hopeless to be this witty!



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