12 February 2014

stay brilliant...sure.

When boredom strikes, I head to the shops. "Retail Therapy" is the truest phrase ever.

This Saturday, I ventured out into the snow and hit up TJ Maxx. There wasn't much, and I figured they were probably still wiped out after Christmas. I felt like browsing some beauty, so I crossed the street to Walmart.

After spending a little too long wandering the two makeup aisles, I had a lip gloss in hand (Maybelline Elixir in Captivating Carnation, if you were wondering) and swatches all over the backs of my hands. I had just decided to actually start my grocery shopping when a CoverGirl nail polish display caught my eye on an endcap.

I tried to pick up a light cucumbery green. It failed.

As it tumbled down the front of my body, I tried to grab it but the force of my hand just knocked it further away from me. Before I knew it, the cap flew off and polish had cascaded diagonally across the concrete floor and the rest was quickly flooding out of the bottle. I scooped it up only to see that I had busted the glass on top and there was no way to twist the cap back on. I remember setting it on top, and placing it BACK IN THE DISPLAY while saying, "I'm just gonna...put this back..."

I threw the Elixir in some random place (why, Sarah?!) and, head down, beelined for the front door.

As I got in my snow-covered car, I remembered when I was shopping downtown with a friend during freshman year of high school. We were in a boutique with stupidly priced items, and she accidentally knocked a shirt off the rack. We were both too awkward to even pick it up. The salesgirl strutted across the shop, and with the biggest side-eye in the world, picked it up and sassily put it back on the rack. As she should have. Who lets freshman in boutiques, anyway?

Why didn't I just alert somebody to the nail polish fiasco?! I worked for Walmart. I know the spill procedures. Why am I such an asshole.

I tried to reverse my car to leave and it wouldn't go. After a second of panic, I realized I hadn't even turned the key. Duh.



  1. Hahaha oh my, I enjoyed reading this so much! I love what your reaction was: "I'm just gonna put this back" haha, I guess I would have done the same!

    xo Mélane
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Motivation

  2. Retail Therpy gets the worst of me. I could barely walk when I got home on Saturday night!

  3. Hahah! Oh my goodness...this made me laugh. Dropping the nail polish and putting it back..too good!


  4. lol i have done this so many times lol I dropped one nail varnish once and it splattered all up my legs. I just slowly backed away from it then ran out the shop and i had to get the bus with bright pink nailvarnish all over my jeans lol xxxxx
    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

  5. Hahahaha I had such a giggle at this post - sounds so much like me! Glad there are other people out there like that :)

    New follower !!!





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