29 January 2014

vortex blues

As if January wasn't already my least favorite month (sorry Jan babies), the majority of it has been spent in big layers and thick socks. Which is usually okay with me, except not every day.

I think this is the first time I've ever been completely over winter so early. Maybe because I walk to, from, and around school? Or because this is the first winter where I've really been driving? Whatever it is, it's a mess and I'm done with it. I just want to take a walk outside and not risk exposure!

I just realized I hate when people get together and discuss the weather for like, ten minutes, trying to one-up each other with their experiences, which is what I am essentially doing now, but hey. I'm just aching for hotter days. I'll be reading this in an Ohio June and laugh out loud.

Is January "meh" for anyone else? A lot of people choose the new year as the kickoff to bunch of great ideas, but it's hard to feel inspired when this weather's got me so blue.

In any case, looking at pictures of California makes my cold (literally) heart grow five sizes bigger. Hurry up, April.

Isn't that better? :D
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  1. Oh my God! I wish I could teleport myself to the pool on the first photo immediately! I feel so cold these days, but it was wonderful when it was -10C outside and I visited a tropical greenhouse where it was like +25C, that was really great (but not for long since I had to leave at a point and go outside again :D but still, it was a little reminder of a summer - there was even a butterfly!).

    1. I'll teleport with you! ;D Now I feel like sneaking into a greenhouse...lol.



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