24 January 2014

movie homes i covet: ghost world

I first watched Ghost World a little over a year ago in my dorm room and connected to it so much. Besides having the best taste ever, Enid Coleslaw just GOT me. Couldn't hurt that the opening credits are some of the actual best ever.

Fast forward to a few months ago, I can't stand her during a rewatch. What?! Her whininess was making me crazy. When did I suddenly turn into a crotchety old lady shaking her fist at 'kids these days'? While I still don't know exactly how that happened, what I do know is that Enid's bedroom is everything I ever wanted when I was younger. She also has the master bedroom, which is something I always wanted in my house. Like, couldn't my parents just fare in my smaller bedroom? Geez, mom and dad. Cater to MY fourteen year old needs.

I will say this - the butterfly chair is the symbol of total cool girl-dom. I had a fuzzy purple one that I hardly sat in because it was that sacred.

The epicenter of her room - the record player. I love the wall color, too.

The thing I like most about her room is that it's got Enid written all over it. Her oddness and eccentricities are displayed all over the place, as well as in her wardrobe. She likes what she likes, and I totally respect her for that.

What do you think? Any other movies homes you love?

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