01 January 2014

happy 2014

Happy new year! Last night we went downtown for the ball drop and as my friend pulled me in for a hug at midnight, what can only be described as gunshot fireworks went off and I screamed right in his face. Happy 2014 indeed...

In an effort to not sound like a sexy man when I speak (New Year's is loud, y'all!), I've been keeping my mouth shut and thinking of some goals for this year. I dislike the term resolutions because it makes everything sound so final, and leaves such little wiggle room. Like if you break your streak of going to the gym everyday on January 5th, it's like, Oh, FORGET IT. Might as well eat a whole sleeve of Oreos while I'm at it. What good is that?

So here's some stuff I'd like to be better at this year:

1) Read. I have always had my nose in a book, but I find it difficult to do with my school schedule. I also notice my vocabulary suffers big time when I haven't read in a while. Eek!

2) Stop procrastinating. Mostly for schoolwork but also for general life things.

3) Kick it into high gear with my major. Being a film major is the most fun I've ever had but it is not easy. I feel I've been skating along well enough, but next semester I have a lot of opportunities I will definitely be taking advantage of.

4) Be more active. I definitely notice how sluggish I feel when I'm not walking campus (Christmas break=my bed). In addition to that, I'd like to do a bit more. New sneakers are a good excuse too!

Do you have anything you're working toward? I hope you have a great year! :D

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