22 January 2014

from the files of madison finn

Have you heard of Oyster Books? It's like Netflix, but for books. *head explodes* WHY haven't I heard of this before?! There are a ton of worthy titles available and it's only $10 a month. I'm waiting to start my free month until I know I won't be super busy - hey, spring semester.

I was having a peruse through the library to see what I could read with a subscription, and with one glance at a cover my entire bookworm childhood came rushing back to me. The new cover had me doing a double take, but staring back at me was a Madison Finn book.

The "COOL Gift Inside!" of Madison Finn was a tiny cd-rom to a game.

I started the series in 5th grade after a trip to the now-defunct WaldenBooks in the mall. We were going on an upcoming vacation, I remember. I was intrigued by her early-era orange Macbook and purple blow up chair; all the cool girls had those in Disney movies. I tore through it during vacation and by the time we got back home, I was already up in WaldenBooks looking for #2. Cue the next five years of me speeding into various bookshops and asking clueless twenty-something employees if the new Madison Finn was out. There were a few "super" editions that were double the length, which I was all over.

She was a computer nerd with an internet friend she met in a chat room. My mother advised me I should never make friends in chat rooms, but a handful of years later I would encounter some of my very best friends on the web. Sorry mom! ;D

I grew up with her, though she remained perpetually twelve years old. She had divorced parents and friend drama, making her more realistic than many other characters I was reading about at the time. I've definitely read most of them except the last few. I was entering high school and my tastes were changing. However, seeing that new cover on Oyster made me so excited for newer generations to read her. The author posted about the new ebook covers here.

Another series I was equally obsessed with was Amelia's Notebook. At every new release date, you better believe I was flocking to Borders (RIP, baby). I wrote fanmail to Marissa Moss in grade school and SHE WROTE ME BACK thanking me for the letter and letting me know when the next Amelia would be available. I knew it was definitely her from her handwriting, which was Amelia's handwriting. It's still at home somewhere.

OMG. I just found the Amelia movie online. I'm ten again.

What did you read as a kid?

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  1. Sadly, I no longer have the few books I had of Madison Finn. But funny enough, I still have a CD-ROM that came with the books. I've been pondering getting rid of it for years, but simply can't just throw it away.



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