24 January 2014

friday roundup #2

I skipped last week. Nothing exciting happened except that it was the first week of classes, and that I made an insanely good chickpea stew. ONWARD.

I feel like this little snow dog this week. Hurry up, spring!

I love anything this girl does, but her recent video had me in a giggle fit. I love how she puts the absurdity right up front and makes it hilarious. If you haven't seen it, check out her feminist makeup tutorial for ultimate lolz.

I'm a pretty dedicated xoJane reader. I come for the articles and stay for the comments. This article in particular just felt like one big hug.

- Another week of classes. Sigh. I gave this dude a haircut, which he immediately put a hat over because it's cold here, yo!
- Went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for a friend's birthday and ate an entire bowl of tortilla chips before the food actually came. 
- Booked a hotel and flight for the TCM Film Festival in April!! Me and four other girls bonded over classic movies five years ago, and in celebration of our 5 year friendversary we're going to LA! I'm so excited I could scream. I can't focus on anything but being in that weather!


  1. great post! and loved the video LoL! :)




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