10 January 2014

friday roundup #1

This is a new series I hope to keep up with this year. It'll be a collection of what I've spotted round the internet combined with what I did this week. It'll be nice to look back and see what I did on a given week, especially since 2014 is looking to one of busiest years yet!


heyclaire put out this AMAZING video this week - from a filmmaking/editing standpoint I am so floored. She uploaded an extended version too if you're interested in the whole song!

This article from Refinery29 gives some great tips on revamping small spaces. Want to know what keeps me up at night? Different ways to position my couch. At least that makes me semi-grown up?

This tutorial for making solid perfume is sooo cool. Perfume can get pricey, and this is a really cool spillproof travel option. Something about perfume in a fancy tin feels so classy.


Last Saturday we went to the Buffalo Museum of Science for a few hours. I hadn't been there since 3rd grade AT LEAST, and let's be honest - I really wanted to see the mummy exhibit again because it's my favorite. Unfortunately the exhibit is closed until March *sigh* but there was a ton of new, interactive stuff to do.

This post couldn't get by without a Polar Vortex shout out. We got cabin fever fast. On the upside, I watched around five movies I'd been meaning to see and dug out my friendship bracelet kit for some old fashioned jewelry-makin'.

It was also William's birthday! He's 18 now and I feel so old.

By the time you're reading this, I'm on my way back to Ohio for spring semester. Enjoying these last few days of nothingness before my life gets crazy again!

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