28 December 2013

Yuletimes 2013

1) William vogue-ing in his new specs
2) Showing off my christmas nailz (NARS disco inferno over some gray Covergirl cheapie stuff)
3) "It's Christmas!" faces
4) My cousin Sam's new Beatles lunchbox...filled with $20 worth of singles
5) Some of my loot

Hope everybody has great holidays! Another Mann family Christmas has come and passed. It was pretty successful and we all waddled home. Sidenote: don't even talk to me for the next few weeks if it's not about Beyoncé. If this album came in liquid form I'd be hooked up to a portable IV all hours of the day.

This is a video of my festive decorations in my apartment that I shot before I had to de-Christmas before heading home. I left the tinsel above the window though, because that's like a real window treatment, right?


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