27 October 2013

spooktacular: carrie (2013)

Being a big fan of Brian DePalma's 1976 Carrie, I was on the fence about seeing the new one, but then my Julianne Moore senses started tingling and I knew I needed to go. I hardly ever go to the movies unless it's something I really want to see - too expensive! Luckily I live in a dinky college town where the mall has only an Elder-Beerman, a creepy sports store previously run by a neo-nazi, and a movie theater with super cheap tickets. Charming! I grabbed my best gal friend, smuggled in some Kroger brand gummy bears, and we were off.

I ended up pretty pleased. I liked it and I think it stood well as it's own. Adapting it for a 2013 time frame went pretty well, and the cyberbullying aspect added almost a more sickening twist to it. It's a timeless story and nothing was dated about it except for the female "Chris" and "Sue" which would be hard names to find in 2013.

I walked away from it feeling satisfied, but there were elements missing that I couldn't quite put my finger on. I'm trying REALLY HARD GUYS to not compare this to the original film, as this version is not a remake of DePalma's but another adaptation of the Stephen King novel. However, the reviews and analyses of this film basically all said the same thing - there was some sort of otherworldly element to Sissy Spacek's prom-pocalypse, the way she blankly stared at what was happening, the way she silently made her way through the room, and how the audience could really feel her wrath.

The "show, don't tell" aspect of the 1976 version is what made it all the more scary. Carrie's blank expression and silence while creating all this carnage is what personally freaked me out the most. I feel that with the modern film everything was on the surface, and there was no deeper level where the horror and mystery of Carrie White laid. That said, I really was impressed with Chloe Moretz's portrayal after expecting to not like it. And Julianne Moore is flawless as always, although I do prefer Piper Laurie's possessed, psychotically religious portrayal of Margaret. Moore's was a bit more restrained I think.

All in all, I did enjoy it and I think the casting really pulled off what was a big endeavor for the director.

Then I came home and watched The Shining! One of my other favorites. The Kroger gummy bears did not last the night.

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