08 September 2013


At the end of July, my parents and I took a 3 day-cation to the Finger Lakes (without William because he was too busy frolicking around in Finland). There wasn't a TON to do in Skaneateles, but it was refreshing to laze about. I didn't even bring my computer, which was kind of a big deal for me. I brought my phone, my camera, a book, and I was set. We basically lived at the bakery in the picture above by getting lunch there the first day, then breakfast there the next two mornings. They had homemade nutella. Enough said.

The second day, we rode the mailboat which delivers mail to residents right on the lake. It was a long ride but didn't feel like it until about the last hour where the rock of the boat probably could have lulled me to sleep, but then we got off and went to Johnny Angel's for a burger lunch. Yum.

We also drove around the surrounding towns, saw/ate in some retro diners (!!) and I walked away with a first edition of Rosemary's Baby for 50c from a thrift shop. Solid vacation.

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