14 September 2013

my fragrance picks

Real talk: I like to smell nice. On any given trip to Sephora or Ulta, you'll probably find me in the fragrance aisles with a bundle of paper tester strips fanned out in my hands a la Wolverine.

I only have a few perfumes, but they are ones that I love and keep coming back to. I'm always interested in what other people are wearing, so in case you want to know what I smell like (creepy?), then this post is for you!

If it's a sweatpants day, I throw on Carried Away. Not exactly a perfume, but it's dense enough to stay on a long time and light enough to not overpower. Daisy Eau so Fresh is definitely my spring/summer standby because it's so fresh and fruity. I got it for my 18th birthday so it has a lot of memories attached to it. YSL Parisienne is my ride or die fragrance, seriously. It is my absolute favorite. It's the most grown up scent I've ever had, and is absolutely perfect for fall/winter. It's the one that makes me feel most me, and if I had to choose a signature scent this would be it.

I also have a DKNY Be Delicious/Fresh Blossom rollerball duo. I always forget I have it, but the original Be Delicious is so, so good. It's apple-y and woody and perfect. Rollerballs are great for travel and are the perfect thing if you're interested in trying out a new scent. They usually run between $20-$30 which is nice if you're not looking to shell out $70+ for something you're not sure you'll love.

I'm also interested in ChloƩ, Flowerbomb, and also want to get my nose into the Diptyque products because they're so LUXURIOUS.

This is also my first post using Disqus, so hopefully that will make it easier to leave comments!

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