10 September 2013

lucky goat soap

Our last day in Skaneateles, mom and I hovered around this shop waiting for it to open at 11 am. We - her especially - love all natural, organic goodness so this was an obvious stop.
The shop is essentially the cutest, coziest building ever. I won't go into details of what they sell because you can find that on their website, but this is what we walked away with!
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This was my loot. They didn't have a full size of Good Morning Sunshine, but they did have a "pygmy" size. SO CUTE. Sidenote: I wanted to use it this morning for a happier shower experience but didn't want to take it out of the packaging before I could photograph it (#bloggerprobs) but even a deep whiff of it was enough to perk me up. So good.

The full bar size. Also I'm taking this moment to publicly declare my love for almond scented things. Mom also got Bird's Bath as well as the other three below.

Although I am BEYOND bummed this place isn't closer to me so I can go in daily and smell everything, I was relieved they have an online shop. You basically can't go wrong with any of the scents since they're all good. They would make great gifts for anyone OR yourself! (Like me. I'm selfish.)

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