17 July 2013

ten things

I was tagged by Millie, so without further ado:

1) I love diners. My mom says that her father loved them too and had probably been to every diner in New York State, so it must be genetic. There's nothing better than a diner breakfast! :D

2) I've been trying to be a popular, successful blogger since about the day I was born but realized that I have way more fun with it when I'm not trying too hard.

3) I've never broken any bones knock on wood and have only had one tiny cavity. I never got any wisdom teeth either, which is probably best for my baby-like tendencies when it comes to pain tolerance.

4) I'd love to see the country on a Great American Road Trip. Although the idea of a road trip sounds a lot more magical than being trapped in the car forever does.

5) I have no tattoos, have never dyed my hair, and only got my ears pierced two years ago at 18. You could say I'm a giant rebel. *cue biggest eyeroll of all time*

6) I was an extra on Extreme Home Makeover about five years ago and worked as a production assistant on an HGTV show this past June - both times when the shows were in town. It's nice knowing the right people! :D

7) I'm a lover of the Great Indoors. Being outside is fun sometimes, but the weather has to be perfectly comfortable and on it's best behavior for me to really enjoy myself. :P

8) I have Manic Pixie tendencies (my hobbies, tastes are pretty MPDG. All I'm missing are the bangs) but as for the "helping men find their calling" thing...no.

9) My favorite season is fall. SWEATERS, you guys. And pumpkin scented things.

10) Though I'm not a typically obsessed millenial with my modern equipment (phone, computer, camera, etc) I am pretty dependent on them. I do like to put them down and do something without a screen every now and then.

I'm also super late to the tag party, as always. If you're reading this and would like to give it a go, then do it! Who needs rules anyway?

1 comment:

  1. Yesss! I love this!

    That's amazing about the no broken bones thing. I've broken the same little toe twice. Both times, because I have no control over my limbs and they just random flung out and hit something hard while I was walking. Seriously.

    NON-FLESHIE GREAT AMERICAN ROAD TRIP. I'm making the mix. It will be entirely made up of dramatic '60s girl band songs.

    You so are a MDPG. haha. Maybe that's why I'm always trying to be you. ;-D



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