27 June 2013


This past Tuesday and Wednesday my internet real life friend Kate came to visit! This was the first time we've met in person and my first time meeting somebody I met online. I was really excited but still nervous to meet her and worried conversation would be awkward in the beginning, but we hit it off immediately. Not even a second of weirdness! :D

Through blogging/twitter/general internetting, I've met some of my best friends (Casey, Millie, and Nicola) and this visit has just made me want to meet them more! A lot of people get a look on their face when I say I have friends on the internet, but these girls are some of the most loyal friends ever. Also we're all a little crazy so that probably helped us gravitate toward each other.

We went to Food Truck Tuesday at the Larkin District in downtown Buffalo which has quickly become the standard Tuesday dinner every week. Food trucks are big here and have really boomed within the last year. Kate's brother Kyle got Lloyd's Taco Truck (pictured below) and loved it! We did some other galavanting around town and had so much fun!

After they left on Wednesday I was pretty bummed, but then went to see The Bling Ring with my best friend Emily and ate a billion fruit snacks. You can read Kate's post here!


  1. ahhhhh :D thank you again for having me, I had SO much fun!! Also don't judge but I may have gotten a tear in my eye over "real life friend" <3

  2. Fruit snacks are seriously the snack of the gods.



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