17 May 2013

the dollhouse

My brother and I garbage picked a dollhouse last week.

I don't know what came over me; we were driving home from somewhere, and a few doors down from our (life sized) house, it was just sitting there. A box of old furniture with missing drawers and table legs was sat next to it. I had a moment of psychosis. I needed it.

REWIND: I have always wanted one of those fancy dollhouses at the hobby stores but never got one because they were expensive as hell and my parents got me the Trading Spaces house instead. Not knocking the TS house. It was/is amazing. It has real working lights, yall. And now lives under the stairs in the basement. So basically - this was meant to be.

However, I've never liked the victorian-ness of the houses and furniture, so we're taking a cue from this blogger's house and updating this house to a contemporary one. A kitchen, living room, master bedroom and office should suffice. Who needs bathrooms? I've already painted the office walls (top left room) and we'll be using scrapbook paper as "wallpaper". As for the outside, who knows. Even if we do nothing, it could still use a fresh coat of white paint.

Needless to say I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS I don't even care that I'm twenty years old.


  1. What a wonderful find. Lucky lucky you! I found a glass tabletop in someone's garbage this week, that will be handy but not nearly as fun as this beaut of a dollhouse!

  2. Hi Sarah! Just found your blog, linked from Scathingly Brilliant. Love this dollhouse project... any updates since May 2013??



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