23 March 2013

my bedroom

Whilst home for spring break, I decided I really missed my bedroom. My family refers to it as the cave, which is pretty appropriate, since I usually sit in the dark illuminated only by the computer screen or a lone candle in the corner.

My room has changed SO much over the years; when I first got here, the walls were light blue with painted white clouds, for my "moon and stars" theme. Then middle school came, the walls went lime green, and everything was a color explosion. I had an orange headboard, multicolored bedspreads, and so. much. junk. I was seriously a packrat. Too many tiny details all over the place. Once high school hit, three walls were painted tan, one dark gray. I was in my ~*old Hollywood glamour*~ phase. Everything looked super classy. Pretty different for an average 15 year old. That has evolved into this - whatever this is. It doesn't really have a theme. We painted the walls a dusty purple - so much painting! My mom is a nut -  and now the color palette is all of my favorites. I've cleared out all that junk (inside that trunk?) and now I only display my favorite things.

When I took these, the white carpets had been ripped up and we were preparing for a hardwood installation, hence the absolutely stunning subflooring you may be able to glimpse. Because of this, my beloved bookcase and all of it's holdings were scattered out in the hallway. That corner looked super empty and lonely. I love my books!

I really adore having a space that I can do whatever I want with, and one I can return to at the end of the day, light a candle (I've become one of those people) and just unwind. Though my room has undergone about a billion transformations, I am really content with how it is right now. Everything else was pretty fussy, and this is just comfortable and just right.

I was going to explain what's in each picture...but that stuff is for me. Ambiguity! If you have any questions please leave a comment! :)

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  1. aw, I'm honored that my print made the "favorite things' cut!! :) Also I love how you have the Penelope lobby cards framed!!



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