25 February 2013

thoughts on the 2013 Oscars

Yes, I'm blogging, everyone calm down. I've been inspired by this goddess I am honored to call my friend.

I've watched the Oscars for about the last four years, and I think I'm finally being jaded by them. What used to be such a spectacle for me is now like, "Ugh. I better watch these so I know what the internet is talking about tomorrow."

For starters: Who honestly thought Seth MacFarlane was a good idea. Damn. Right off the bat I was seriously annoyed by his constant jabs at everyone in the room. I love a little roasting of celebrities, but h o l y butts. When you are relying on making fun of other people for the majority of your jokes/laughs, you are doing it wrong. BRING BACK BILLY CRYSTAL.

And the boob song. Insert all the disapproval .gifs in the world. I have no words - except that I really have all the words in the world, but I'll spare you. (For further reading, this.)

THE SOUND EDITING TIE. Cue a chorus of "wha-" 's all around my living room as well as the Dolby Theater.

The Chicago thing was really cool.

I have a love-hate relationship with Kristen Stewart. Sometimes I'm like, "I feel you, homegirl," and other times (like this) I'm like, "Girl. Stop being a caricature of yourself." Like when she walked out onstage doing that thing with her hair (see #7). I can't.

Overall, I really have no opinions on the awards themselves as I have not seen ANY of them. At all. I am officially the worst person ever.

But of course, all anyone cares about are the gowns. My favorites were Halle Berry and Jessica Chastain, because she just never looks bad.


Your thoughts? :)

1 comment:

  1. No, YOU'RE the goddess who I enjoy copying.

    But, seriously, love this post. The top photo is actual perfection. I'm going to pretend that person just doesn't exist.

    And the sexism. REALLY?! Ugh. After every possible insult/distasteful joke, I said that he had only missed mocking Jewish people. I spoke too soon, because five minutes later he made a Jewish joke. SO ORIGINAL AND HILARIOUS.

    And, obviously, the dresses are the important part! ;-D



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