08 March 2012

spring bust

images from retro-space

Lately nothing has been going my way. I think most of it is because I'm home for spring break with no schedule, and the majority of my friends still in school. Long story short - I'm bored.

I went to go put in job applications today to find that most places have online applications, which you think would be great, right? Not for me. I wanted to turn in more paper apps because it lets them see you in person, and I just feel like that's better than doing it semi-anonymously over the internet. So that grinds my gears. Also it poured rain all day, which wasn't very glamourous for my outfit and hair.

Even though this break has been kind of a bust for me, I have to keep reminding myself of the good things that came out of it. I rearranged my room, giving me the opportunity to throw out/donate a bunch of stuff, I spent a great night with my friend Kelsey chatting at Tim Horton's, AND I got to have some hometown pizza the night I came home. I hate to say it, but that pizza is one of the thing I miss most when I'm at school!

Everybody has their own motto, and they're usually really inspirational and from esteemed people like Helen Keller or philosophers. For me? Twitter comedians. When I first saw this tweet, I laughed, RT'd it, and moved on with my life. But then I kept thinking about it...this is seriously how I try to live my life now. Not even kidding. When I'm having my crappy days like today, I think of this tweet and try to shape the rest of my day in a more positive light.

So thanks, Rob Delaney! (sorry if this is offensive to anyone! It is just seriously my life motto.) If you put yourself in charge of your troubles, they can disappear.

PS: the girl in the "reality" picture is a exemplary representation of my face this week. I couldn't find a more perfect picture.


  1. Um, that tweet just changed my life!
    I'm on a break in life- and I find myself bored too, most of the time. I'm hoping to get out of this rut soon, though.
    Comedy always helps me :) Hope you find a job you want!

  2. Uhmm.. maybe a good moment to tell you: I awarded your blog.. ;")


    Oh - and: I am reading your blog for some time now - and just now noticed that I wasn't a official follower.. :( Sorry - but I fixed it now! :")

  3. ahahah funny pic =) hope u have a great spring break!



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