10 February 2012

movie homes i covet: the princess diaries (2001)

When I first saw The Princess Diaries in theaters during 3rd grade, I knew I needed Mia's room/house/life/cat/everything else. Her house was located in the hills of San Francisco and it's a converted fire house. I know, right? There's a converted fire house in my city, and I'm pretty sure it's cool on the inside, but NOT AS COOL AS THIS. It's also probably made so awesome by the fact that Mia's mom is an artist, so everything is paint-covered and there's canvasses everywhere, etc. I believe this is also where my love of spiral staircases first began. I like 'em plastered with stickers and twinkle lights. Also, who doesn't want their own hideaway in the attic?!

Not pictured: the fire pole leading down into the kitchen. Seething with jealousy, except I can barely even walk up stairs without getting vertigo, so maybe that wouldn't be the greatest idea. But still, aestheticism!!

images via fanpop

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