22 February 2012

ann arbor adventures

I initially took this for Millie (who loves exclaiming, "Sheesh!" at every opportunity) but it took me a second to get the kabob part. So smart, me.

My parents and brother came up (or down, I should say) to whisk me away to Ann Arbor, MI for the weekend. The theme of this trip was "no itinerary" so whatever we wanted to do, we DID, dang it! Go to a rare bookstore where there's piles of stuff literally at your next step? Then let's freakin' go! Eat at some hippy-dippy cafe where a lady in front of me ordered a wheatgrass shot? Allons-y!

The next day we found ourselves in the 'burbs with Swedish furniture.
I know they want to make it look like the "owner" of the particular rooms reads a lot, but Lawd almighty, how many copies of Seabisuit can one have? Especially ALL in Swedish?!
William Squilliam playing kitchen.
And here's what I wore because obviously that's all some people care about. ;)


  1. It sounds like a lot of fun. Also-- lol. My roommate says 'sheesh louise' a lot.

  2. William Squilliam looks like a pretty cool guy ;D

  3. omg William get out. YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED ON MY BLOG.

  4. you look adorable :)
    I really love this post!



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