04 February 2012

2012 in Film: January

I'm stealing this idea from Kate, who stole it from Millie, who stole it from Miss Scarlet in the billiards room with the lead pipe, etc. I thought it'd be cool to keep track of what I've been watching lately by using this format that my buddies use. I also wasn't really keeping track until, like, yesterday, so I'm probably missing a few.

Total: 5, all new to me

Favorite: Submarine. It was quirky and had odd characters, which just so happens to be my thing. It had the standard "teenage boy hopelessly in love with teenage girl" plot line, but it was so much more charming and non-stereotypical than that. Kind of Wes Anderson-y with its eccentricity and mise en scene. 5 stars! I loved it.

Made me feel icky but it's a film major's paradise: Requiem for a Dream. The editing in this movie is INSANE in that there's a ton of it. I can see why this is a cinematic masterpiece, but it just wasn't for me I guess. Don't do drugs, guys. It ain't cute.

It's about freakin time I watched this because I claim to be David Lynch's number one fangirl: Eraserhead. I can't quite put my finger on what it was about this (I don't know if anyone can, really), but I am in love. It's so scary and weird and uncomfortable, but a good uncomfortable, and it's a must-see if you like Lynch anywhere near as much as I do.

My dumb friends made me watch zombie movies on MLK day: Boy Eats Girl. Utter ridiculousness, and I loved every minute of it. I would most likely not choose to watch this by myself but watching this with my friends was probably what made this so enjoyable. I'm not a zombie movie expert by any means, but I thought this was pretty good! Also, Samantha Mumba. I loved her in 2nd grade.

Watched it for class: A Trip to the Moon. Pretty self-explanatory. I liked it a whole lot!

Watched because it's set in my hometown and this also qualifies for favorite: Buffalo '66. Basically, this film was totally awesome. I'm not saying much because I want to do it's own post in the future.

So there's what I watched in January, and stay tuned for February! What have you watched so far this year?


  1. Yay, I'm glad more people are doing this! I find it so fun to see what people are watching and whatnot :D I recently watched Eraserhead too. I was so utterly uncomfortable during watching it, but now I feel fascinated by it *__*

  2. Requiem for a Dream is SO uncomfortable to watch. I loved it but it's entirely bleak but I don't think that's a bad thing. I had it on DVD, realised I'd never watch it again and gave it away. I finally saw Eraserhead last year and felt the same way about it. Oh, and I started watching Buffalo '66 but felt really uncomfortable so think I'll have to watch it another day! I found a neat code to add a page to my Tumblr of a table of what I've watched this year - http://andibgoode.tumblr.com/2012films - but I think the stand-outs for January were: Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, Ginger Snaps and Alphaville. :)
    -Andi x

  3. Buffalo 66 is one of my all time favorites! "We're Spanning Time, ok?" Love it! And Submarine was definitely among my favorites of the year. Richard Ayoade has such an adorable humor!



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