15 December 2011

movies: Sedmikrásky/Daisies

GASP what is this?! Blogging during finals week?! Yes! Yes it is! After my last "if I don't pass this then Jesus take the wheel" exam today (Astronomy) and before my two jokes of exams (Script Analysis and History) I'm bored and BLOGGING. YES.

Also it came to my attention that one of my favorite Czech new wave films Sedmikrásky is totally and completely available as well as FREE - because I'm so cheap I only like free things - on the tubes of you! How nice of them.

Side note: I have the command>S twitch left over from writing all of my final essays so I keep doing that and saving this entire web page. Oops. (Just did it again.)

Anyway, Sedmikrásky (or Daisies, if you want to be completely 'Murican) is a visual delight and it's so pretty. My roommate and I are both film majors. As I'm writing this she's in the editing lab throwing something together for kicks, and when I asked her what she was making, she said "A pretty." Daisies is definitely a pretty. Everything in this film is so aesthetically pleasing. Also there's the whole undertone of Soviet oppression and all that jazz, as well as it being banned in Czechland, and director Věra Chytilová being forbidden from working in her native land until 1975, and etc.

Now that you've read all the controversial stuff, this film should be gold, right? Answer: yes.

I mean really. Even if you hate it, it was an experience and it only cost you and hour and twelve minutes of your life. It could be worse.

PS: Finals week=lots of time off=more blogging! :D Also, what do you think of the new blog-over? Quite nice and purply.



    I'M SO HAPPPPYYY YOU'RE HERE! And, oddly enough, I usually have a lot more time during Finals week (possibly because I literally can only cram study two hours before the test...;-D).

    And, um, I SO want/need to see this movie!

    Lovely post! :-D

  2. Also, I don't know when you changed your blog layout....BUT IT'S GORGEOUS (and it's gonna send me into fits of depression about my totally uncool [except for my definitely cool header! ;-D] blog layout)!

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