21 December 2011

movies: Barbarella

After keeping Barbarella for much, MUCH longer than having intended (like almost 4 months) I finally got around to watching it the other night. I was expecting 60s weirdness - I put it in my queue for that reason - and I definitely received it. I tweeted that I wanted to write about it here, but didn't know how to do so in a mature manner. I've since come to the conclusion: there is absolutely no way you can write about this film seriously. And now look where we are.

Overall, this film is seriously sex-fueled. After this one guy fixes her burnt out ship, he asks for her to sleep with him in return. After she explains that Earthlings do it with pills to make sure that their psychocardiograms are in perfect harmony, he's like, "No." and then they do it the old fashioned way which leaves Barbarella all rosy cheeked and blissful and et cetera. She then takes to Pygar (more on him later) and David Hemmings in a really bizarre cameo and...yeah. Just very ~sexy~ I suppose. Those tildaes around that word make me think of 7th grade. Oy.

First, let's immaturely discuss how the opening credits consist of Barbarella entering her shag carpeted spaceship and totally undressing. This began my whole "objectification of women!!!!" thing. (for some of my tamer friends: this is the extent of the nudity. To others: sorry to disappoint you. Pervs.)

Then, let's talk about how she accidentally lands on planet Terrifying Alien Children and they put her in a trap where she will inevitably be killed by rabid, biting dolls.

I defy you not be horrified/cry with laughter.

Now let's confer about the angel, Pygar. He's the last of his kind or something, blind, and his will to fly has been lost. However, after he you know with Barbarella, he regains his will to fly! Yay Pygar! Also he's beautiful and his wings are hilarious. I've seen better in church Christmas pageants.

Durand Durand (the bad guy!) traps her in this glass box and lets loose a load of exotic birds to try to end Barbarella similar to the manner of the biting dolls - in a COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS manner. I had a similar experience to this at the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory, not to the extent of me almost dying, BUT IT FELT LIKE IT, OKAY. I hate butterflies.

A nice little guest appearance by David Hemmings went with joy. Until it got weird. The bird clip is also at the beginning of this, if you care to witness the terror of the butterflies birds. Also, that is all I'm saying about this particular scene because I was in a fit of crying laughter the whole time. Can you even imagine filming that?

There's so much more I could say on this film, but for the sake of keeping readership on this corner of the internet I will stop myself. There's also plenty of feminist woes in it to write a book but that's another topic for another day. :)

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