22 December 2011

attention world, I've got a new girlcrush

One of my favorite tumblrs imperial bedrooms has been on a Lana Del Rey kick for a while, so I thought I'd check her out.

People have been comparing her to Nancy Sinatra, which is where my intrigue first began. They are both really similar in their style of singing. I've been listening to the Video Games EP nonstop (the remixes aren't really for me but the first two songs are the bomb.com) and the music video for "Born to Die" is pretty awesome. My use of berry lipstick in the past two days since discovering this video is out of control.

Her album comes out January 30th and I am SO EXCITED. I also don't think she wears floral headbands all the time, but she can totally work it so there's no complaints from me.


  1. Yeah. She had me at "gangsta Nancy Sinatra." hahaha

  2. Lana. Yeah. She rocks. Can't wait to listen her album. In the meantime I've been listening her older songs :) I have a new music Tumblr, there I shared one of my faves from her, "Kill Kill":


    Have a great weekend!



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