12 September 2011

say cheese

I picked this camera up from Goodwill for $2, and it's seriously the most fun thing ever. Something tells me that my friend and I put the film in incorrectly and my first roll is going to be awful, but it's still so exciting to hear the shutter every time you take a picture! It's a Minolta Hi-Matic AF and it's in amazing condition and it is my new baby. I've been carting this plus my Canon DSLR around with me in order to  document my college days. Expect a post soon with a lot of unrelated, typical college pictures.

In other news, I changed my earrings! Probably not that exciting to most people, but very thrilling for me since my ears are fully healed up after I got them pierced in July. I've been wearing these pearl studs for about a week already to test if they still needed healing, but it looks like I'm all in the clear. Tomorrow I'll put in another pair, weee! Only I would get excited about changing post earrings. I'm only an adult, it's fine. An adult that forgets to close her closet door when taking pictures.
Outfitted exclusively in Target couture.


  1. Congratulations on changing your earrings! I got mine pierced my first semester of college too! :) I know exactly how happy you are to be able to change them. :D Where did you have your piercing done? Mine was by a VERY nervous lady in the WalMart jewelry department. She was more scared than I was! Turned out just fine, though.

    YAY CHEAP CAMERA!! :D Are you going to take a photography course as part of your major? If you do, they should just hand you the credits right now because you are an amazing photographer!

  2. Yay for just getting your ears pierced!!! I've had mine since I was like 3 years old I think, so I guess I just take changing my earrings for granted haha! ;D

    I can't wait to see the photos from your camera!!! I miss film (and the clicking sound!) so much! Me and Kyle are buying a disposable camera for each day of our Disney trip, just because we miss the whole experience of developing pictures a week after your vacation.. digital is nice but I miss the excitement of waiting to see how your photos come out! :D

  3. ps. you have the best nail polish colors EVER.

  4. I adore your dress! And congrats on your earrings!



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