13 August 2011

toucan sam

Today was Forced Family Fun Day (also known as FFF) so we piled into the car and headed to the city. We grabbed lunch at The Lunch Box where I had a scrumtralescent grilled cheese and Miss Vickie's chips - yum. We then walked to the zoo where we spent a few hours taking pictures, talking to the animals, and having staring contests with meerkats.

I'm not a bird person. They're pecky, birdy, and kind of gross to me - one also swooped down and stole my fries when I was little so now I'm permanently scarred - so it figures that I took a ton of pictures of them at the zoo. I can't help that they're so colorful and pretty!

american eagle tank
thrifted belt, backpack & skirt (the clothes horse has the same one! crazay.)
target sandals
stein mart necklace
betsey johnson shades c/o marshalls

Stay tuned for some more FFF tomorrow!


  1. Your photographer for those fashion shots must be pretty great.... :D

  2. Nice pictures!

    I will follow your blog :)



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