26 August 2011


Here I am at college! It's been a crazy, hectic past week. Meeting a whole new crop of people was like being thrown into a freezing cold pool - shocking, exciting, and a little scary. My school is in Ohio and I'm originally from New York, so I didn't know anybody at all and it was really difficult for me to be living away from my family with nobody (physically, at least) to help me out. That said, here I am a week later and I've been invited to a movie night in one of my new friend's dorm! :D

I've worn this dress quite a few times this summer, so I thought I'd whip it out again and try something fresh. I left the two top buttons undone and added some of my mom's old pins to keep it open and let todays cool breeze get at my neck! It's been far too hot for me lately.
Some of my books! I know a lot of my pals are interested in these. ;)


  1. Yaaaay! Movie night! :-D

    You're so awesome and I love your outfit and your dorm!

  2. Love the jeans dress!! And Pathways to Astronomy!!!! Fun!!!! :D

  3. Ooh love the idea of pinning the dress open like that! :D



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