03 August 2011

the best text ever and fake criterions

There I was, minding my own business while playing Words with Friends on my phone with my friend Emily and watching Clarissa Explains it All, when she texts me this:
I've also gotten into the habit of creating fake Criterion Collection covers. (Inspired by this tumblr!) I geek out over photoshop anything and the availability of free fonts these days is just too much for me to handle so I put it all to good (?) use. I'm going to start putting them at the bottom of my posts for added PIZAZZ! at the end. This was the first one I made, and I've already made a few - so they do get much better. ;)

PS: Watch Kate's blog this week for a Clarissa overdose! Happy happy joy joy.


  1. Ahh Sarah - what a great cover! That headline font is perfect. Did you cut Natalie from a background? If so, it is a fabulous job!

    I'm loving all Kate's Clarissa posts. Makes watching the shows even more fun! :D

  2. I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR PHOTOSHOP GIMME. Let's be real here: I spend way too much money on clothes and weird neon nail polish to afford Photoshop. You keep on keeping on, gurl.

  3. Casey - thank you! Nope, that's just one picture. I used a reeeeally basic picture so I could get the hang of it!

    Caroline - I'd keep an eye out for the student discounts on PS! And I'd rather buy nail polish than things I actually need in life, so you go gurl.



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