09 August 2011

arm party

After packing up most of my jewelry for college (I leave in just over a week! AHH) I realized I never wear the majority of my bracelets. I love all of them but they were always playing hide and seek in my closet. After being inspired by this post and this post however, I decided to throw an arm party of my own! I don't like a ton of stuff on me at once, so it's more of an arm get together than a party.

top & shorts: target
sweater: sam's club...yup
bracelets: mom's and penney's
lipstick: rimmel london in berry queen
Spending the day reading this for school. It's called No Impact Man and its about this guy who lives for an entire year in the middle of NYC without making any impact on the environment. It's not something I would pick up myself, but it's alright!

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