19 July 2011

You must be a Weasley

everything: thrifted
Also my lifesaver this summer are the spandex bike shorts I got at Target...I feel much more carefree in short dresses! ;)

It was hotter than Africa today, hence the minimalism. I hid in the AC all day and watched Harry Potter. I think I am Ron Weasley.

A Savers store just opened up near me recently, and I think I may like it better than my usual thrift shops! It's brand new, so everything hasn't been picked over a million times, and it's so organized and neat. And their dressing rooms aren't as scary either! Now when I'm trying on things, I feel like I'm in Target rather than a sketchy, dusty little box with a beat up chair from the 70s and no hooks to hang things on. Yay! I spent $26 and got a book (Girl, Interrupted by Susannah Kaysen), a pair of wacky red pumps, this dress and belt, two other shirts, and a wool beret. I'd say a very successful trip. :) I read in a magazine that denim dresses are apparently the 'it' thing for summer, so when I saw this I threw it in my basket and lo and behold; it was cute and flattering! (Denim trend here and here.)

PS: I should just rename this blog The Barefoot Blog-tessa at the rate I'm going.


  1. 1) I like your face. ;-D

    2) It can't POSSIBLY be hotter than Africa. Your fingers would have already melted off. Believe me, I KNOW! hahaha



  2. STOP BEING SO CUTE OKAY. Omg I was watching the actual Barefoot Contessa the other day and she wears the same shirt in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. At least you don't do that.



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