14 July 2011

I'm a purist when it comes to Helvetica.

shirt, dress: target
backpack: thrifted
glasses: marshalls aka the bane of my existence

Today we went downtown so my mom could go to her go-granola organic grocery store and get some noms. The neighborhood where this place is TEEMS with hipsters. The best one I saw was sitting outside of a cafe, smoking, bare feet upon a long board, tattooed, long hair, staring longingly into his phone. Better than the zoo.
(I actually have no problem with hipsters, it's just that some of them look completely ridiculous.)

Greatest youtube parody of all time.

Also if you're ever looking for anything with designer whatever, go to Marshalls. Originally $55 Betsey sunglasses for $15. Hallelujah.

The thing hanging from the doorknob is a little teaser for another post - I'm wearing it for my graduation party tomorrow! :D

Do you have any favorite organic treats? I'm a sucker for Newman-O's.


  1. I LOVE your outfit! (BTW, my invitation to your party must have got lost in the mail or something?! ;-DDD)

    hehehehe. Seattle is hipster heaven. It's so annoying. Because some people just naturally dress like that (um, cough cough, my entire family). BUT THEN, everyone thinks we're trying to be hipsters. SHEESH. ;-D


  2. Oh my god, there is a grocery store like that where we live and my dad is like "Let's go look at the weird hippies!" And your outfit is adorbz btw. YOUR SUNGLASSES ugh Betsey foreva.

  3. I love nomage! I'm constantly feeding my head face with much nomage. I actually just blogged about my fake cereal mallows obsession. Come on over! :)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -



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