30 June 2011

off the hook

top: thrifted
ankle zip jeans: old navy
flats: target
glasses: forever 21
rings: icing (you've seen it at the mall)
backpack: thrifted
polish: sally hansen in gunmetal

Outdoors! Sunlight! Shoes! Things you almost never see on this blog! Why is this? I'm home alone! I can do what I want! Break out the juice!
I was going for a French coast thing with the stripes and starfish necklace - you can't tell but the shirt is boatneck with two little silver buttons on each shoulder. I felt like Sailor Jean Seberg (even though she's really not French but whatever that's irrelevant just go with it). The nail polish makes me feel like a badass too. Equal parts of feminine shine and "I'll run you over with my motorcycle." Perfect!

And just because I'm home alone...
I took advantage of the trampoline in the dining room.


  1. Home Alone is ALWAYS a time for brilliance. ;-D

    I love your entire outfit...Frenchness is IMMEDIATELY what I thought of, actually! haha

  2. so i just came across your blog and love it! i absolutely love your bio and love twin peaks, arrested development, netflix and collecting nail polish too! i also have those same target flats AND love that audrey horne post! alright, i'm done sounding like a creep now, haha. but i am following!

  3. haha that's not creepy! that's cool that we have those things in common :) thanks for following!

  4. YOUR SHIRT. I love stripes and your face.



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