20 June 2011

i'll have what she's wearing: audrey horne

Audrey's Dance - Angelo Badalamenti

Since I've become completely, utterly, and totally infatuated with Twin Peaks I thought it would be appropriate for my first real post to be a showcase of outfits from one of my favorite characters - Audrey Horne. She looks so effortlessly cool all the time. I want everything she wears - the saddle shoes (I've been up, down and around every shoe website in the history of the internet looking for a pair), her watch, the awesome tree print cardigan, the pleated plaid skirts, and her incredibly sophisticated black dress at One Eyed Jack's. Let's just say I'm taking a little plaid skirt trip to Goodwill this week with a pal.

Caps from here.


  1. She's one of my favorites, too! I was so upset that she wasn't in the Twin Peaks movie :p

    And a tree print cardigan would make my life 100% better.

  2. She's not?! UGH. I'm almost done with the last of the episodes, so the movie is coming up on me. And Lara Flynn Boyle is replaced? TRAGIC.

  3. Not to be all stalkerish, but I just found this post (love Audrey!) & was wondering -- are the stars, etc. pictured at the top of your blog Ten Thousand Villages stuff?

  4. Joelle - yes they are! I love that store :D



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