25 June 2011

congrats, grad

As of today, I am good and graduated from high school. The speeches weren't that bad, nobody tripped. Well, one kid did a backflip, much to the assistant principal's horror and to the crowd's cheers and applause. I have to pick up my cap from the main office because it got lost in the hubbub above, but you can be sure my tassel was dangling from the rearview mirror on the way home because I am such a traditionalist.

And here's a picture of my best friend Emily and I because it was just too precious and windy looking not to share.

I've also got a little guest-post/interview over on Scathingly Brilliant today! I had so much fun writing it up :D

So ironic that I label this with "my day"...because graduating high school after 13 long years in the system is so mundane and daily. ;)


  1. Great job, Sarah! I'm so excited for you! :-D

  2. I love the first pic! Congrats!

    <3 Sarah



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